Saturday, September 7, 2013

Summer goodness

Here are some of the pictures of the fun we have had this summer :)  These are pictures of a ward get together that started the summer.
We went to a lot of sales on the weekends which was so fun.  So much stuff for sell.

Hehe..I love this picture.  Mom and I went to breakfast one morning after stopping at a few garage sales.  We took this picture for Bdr and wished she could be there :)  
This was taken a couple of days before Mom left.  It was a great morning.  She made a good breakfast for the kids and told them funny stories at the table and then walked Jack into school.  It was wonderful.
The girls at mom's apartment.  Below are a couple of pictures from the Pioneer Day parade in Spanish Fork.  20 different stakes in Utah County had 2,060 young men volunteer to walk as strippling warriors.  It was so moving and brought tears to your eyes.  We watched it with Alyssa and her boys and Uncle Tim who danced in the street for us and had us rolling with laughter.
After the parade, we let the kids go on a ride of their choice.  Jason rode the ponies with Julia :)
That is how sweet Julia helps cook dinner and cut onions.  Kate is fixing her absolute favorite, hamburger helper.
We have neighbors what we love :)  They have a large garden and let us come down and pick whatever is ripe and what we would like.  They have the best tomatoes and the most delicious cantaloupe ever. Yesterday, with the help of a friend, we bottled 21 quarts of stewed tomatoes.
Here are a couple of pictures taken up Provo Canyon at Bridal Veil falls.  There is a little pool of large fish that we fed and Mom would bend down and they would eat bread out of her fingers.  Below is the Tooele county fire.  It was amazing to watch the skies as the sun was setting.

 Here are some pictures of the campout.  Everyone had so much fun and Mom and I were so proud of ourselves because the day we left, we fit everything into our two cars. 
We celebrated Evan's birthday in the park the Saturday before Mom left. 

And here is Jack on the first day of school, posing all by himself.  :)  love that little guy.  Kate started Kindergarten a week later but I haven't had the chance to upload that bunch.  We love you Mom and miss you so much.

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